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Guilty, On The Run by Byakuzaya100102
Guilty, On The Run
And I know what I have done.
Guilty on the run,
And I'm never forgiven.

So, I have two classes where I have to draw a character that looks like myself. The other one for the self-portrait project that I did was for Storyboard & Concept, and this one is for Animation II. I decided to take the same character with a few changes because I might as well. I need to get used to drawing this character, and drawing the same character over and over again for all of my projects is much easier than trying to draw two radically different characters.

This one, however, just looks like me and is hardly at all like me in personality or circumstance, and like Sweet and Sour, she's also named after an attribute: Guilty. For Animation II, we have to animate a character doing things with a very specific emotion. I got "guilty," so basically, my character will have to walk, run, jump, and breathe in a guilty way. The design also has to reflect this attribute in some way, so I have her a prison jumpsuit tied around the waist and possibly some handcuffs hanging off of her left wrist. I'm not too sure about the handcuffs, but I think they could create some interesting animation possibilities. I also played around with the ponytail as a "what if" kind of thing, and I really like it. My roommate likes it, too, so it's probably going to be a permanent addition to her design.

idk about this one really... She's a prison escapee or something. I have no idea what crime she committed. Did she steal some candy? Did she murder someone? The world may never know. Nah, jk, I'll figure it out eventually. These are just really loose concept sketches, so her character will probably evolve as I go on with the class and animation projects.

I was talking with my roommate about how my Storyboard character and my Animation character could be twins in a show called Guilty & Gangly or something. Because the idea behind my Storyboard character is that she is the embodiment of my introversion, social ineptitude, and limbs. So much of them limbs. So, Gangly is what I would call her if I had to name her after an attribute. But yeah... a show where Guilty is Gangly's jailbird sister or whatever. I have no idea how that would even work since Gangly lives such an ordinary life, and Guilty's life is not nearly that ordinary. I wonder how the two of them being siblings would even work out.

[gangly voice] Are you ever going to take off your prison jumpsuit? You're out of prison now, you know.
[guilty voice] FUCKIN FIGHT ME

Guilty (c) me
Sim Self??? by Byakuzaya100102
Sim Self???

Anyway, last part of the self-portrait thingy. I decided to draw myself as a MySims character, and I do not feel like it turned out well at all. But on the plus side, it was very easy and didn't take me long at all (probably only 15 minutes or so), which is good because it didn't take away from all of the homework that I still have and will keep getting.


The music note on my shirt is just because I swear a lot of Gorillaz shirts, and I'm actually wearing one right now, so yeah. If I was a Sim, I probably wouldn't be Fun because I actually don't party all that much. I'd probably be Spooky/Cute or Cute/Spooky (or Geeky/Spooky???) with a hatred of Studious idk


Okay, bye. I gotta go... sketch toys... maybe... or just sleep... that sounds good too...

MySims (c) Electronic Arts
Current Mood: Blah by Byakuzaya100102
Current Mood: Blah
me @ school: no thanks

I'm already swamped with homework, and I'm coming to the end of my second day.

Anyway, here's the second part of that self-portrait thing! I'm really finding myself liking the elongated triangle limbs thing. It's very good for freakishly tall individuals, such as myself.

This is supposed to be kind of ugly and gross. I took a lot of inspiration from Gorillaz (the nose, the teeth, the long limbs, the big hands), and Hewlett purposefully draws things "ugly." He keeps trying to make Murdoc uglier and uglier in every Phase.

Also, yeah, I'm already wearing/carrying a jacket everywhere even though it's only the September 1st because even though it's still warm outside, almost every building on campus has the AC cranked all the way up, I think. It makes getting out of bed in the morning really difficult, and I'm always tired in class because cold just makes me wanna curl up somewhere and sleep hhhhh... The only building that doesn't have the AC cranked up is one of the dorm buildings, and that's because their AC is broken apparently. Or was. I don't know if they got it fixed.

And I got the boots I'm wearing almost 9 months ago, but the first time I wore them was just this past Sunday? Wow. WOW. They were supposed to be for a cosplay, and then I couldn't finish the cosplay, so I just kind of set them aside, but they're really nice boots, so I'm gonna start wearing them more often.
The Self by Byakuzaya100102
The Self
Tonight's a good night for art. I did a lot of art today.

One of our assignments was to draw 3 self-portraits, 2 of them more stylized and 1 more realistic, and this is my realistic one. I'm really proud of it. <3 I haven't done realism in well over a year, and this thing only took me about an hour and a half, and I think it's a pretty good likeness tbh.

Aaaaaa, I'm happy we were assigned this project because I never would've known how good I am at this realism thing otherwise. //lies down

I've been doing lots of not-in-my-comfort-zone things lately, and I like that.

myself (c) myself
Please don't steal meeee~~
Sweet and Sour by Byakuzaya100102
Sweet and Sour
Unfortunately, coloring this was against the rules. If I could've colored it, I would've done Sour in neon and Sweet in pastels probably.

Sweet and Sour (c) myself
It's almost 5:30 in the morning, but I'm back with another one of these journal meme things, this time for two characters that are little more than concepts right now. They might not ever get out of the concept stage, and even if they do, I might not share too much about them with the Internet. They don't even have names yet because they're pretty important characters, and I want their names to mean something, so I can't just go at it with a random name generator like I usually would. So for the sake of this meme, I'll be affectionately calling them Trash Sack (male) and Piece of Shit (female). But they're both heavily inspired by music, so even though they're concepts, they already have enough music behind them for me to fill this out. In fact, I had trouble narrowing the songs down in some circumstances because there were so many that fit.

1. So you have an awesome OC? How's about you tell us his/her name and pick three songs that remind you of them.

- T R A S H  S A C K -

The Neighbourhood // Female Robbery

I watched it all in my head, perfect sense,
Don't take me from my bed,
Leave everything that is worth a single cent,
And just take me instead.

The xx // Together

You said, "You don't have to speak,
I can hear you,
I can feel all the things you've ever felt before."

Modest Mouse // The View

As life gets longer, awful feels softer,
Well it feels pretty soft to me,
And if it takes shit to make bliss,
Then I feel pretty blissfully.

- P I E C E  O F  S H I T -

Alessia Cara // Here

Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this,
An antisocial pessimist,
But usually I don't mess with this.

Cady Groves // The Life of a Pirate

I'll tell myself it's really not that bad,
And I'll try to stick it out
A little longer in society,
Never killed no one.

Melanie Martinez // Soap

Now my words are filling up the tub.
Darling, you're just soaking in it,
But I know you'll get out the minute
You notice all your fingers pruning up.

2. Relationship time! Is your OC currently in a relationship? If not, has or will he/she be? If so, pick a couple songs that best describe their relationship.

- T R A S H  S A C K -

Ed Sheeran // Don't

[Knock knock knock] on my hotel door,
I don't even know if she knows what for.
She was crying on my shoulder,
I already told ya,
Trust and respect is what we do this for.

One Direction // Night Changes

Moving too fast,
Moon is lighting up her skin,
She's falling, doesn't even know it yet,
Having no regrets is all that she really wants.

- P I E C E  O F  S H I T -

Tori Kelly // Should've Been Us

Dressed up, got my heart messed up,
You got yours and I got mine.
It's unfair that I still care,
And I wonder where you are tonight.

Bowling for Soup // Ridiculous

Try not to talk when there's nothing to say.
Kept bottled up, we get carried away,
Then I fall, then I fall down.

3. Friends? Does your OC have any close friends? if so, pick a single song that best suits them.

- T R A S H  S A C K -

Every Avenue // Whatever Happened to You

You're off the deep end, and all your old friends
Are sick of drowning in your sorrows, listen now!
We fought the same fight, and I stood by your side,
But I can't stick around and watch you crumble.

- P I E C E  O F  S H I T -

Sir Sly // Gold

What did you say back to me?
I'm dreaming of Maybach cruising
Maybe, talking crazy,
But I want it.

4. Family? Does your OC have any family? What kind of relationship do they share? Pick a song or two to best describe their relationship.

- T R A S H  S A C K -

Anna Johnson // Goodbye

It's not the things you said,
Or anything anybody did,
Stop trying to make this about you.

- P I E C E  O F  S H I T -

The Cab // Another Me

And I can't remember why I ever
Let you walk all over me.
I won't take your shit forever,
Now it's time for me to leave.
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