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double bubble disco queen
throw the bait, catch the shark
bleed the water red
fifty words for murder
and i'm every one of them

took a break from the current ref sheet i was working on to draw cyrilla again.

once again i try in vain to find a style that takes significantly less time than my current one without sacrificing any of the artistic quality orz

i think i'm just gonna have to accept that all my art is gonna take 200 years to finish and that's that

i went into photoshop instead of sai for this one to try and replicate a bomb-ass shading technique i saw in a speedpaint a while back. and. well. i should just... not probably, haha!

altho i did get to rediscover how amusing all my blood/splatter brushes are in photoshop. i don't have any of those in sai. and i haven't managed to replicate the same soft glow on the pipboy in sai so. it wasn't all bad.

Fallout 3 (c) Bethesda
Cyrilla (c) me
sneaky creatures
one of the weirdest moments i've had while playing thaddeus that i still think abt from time to time is when.... i was taking him thru the metro tunnels in Sneak Mode (as always) and ended up sitting right on top of a feral ghoul.

the metro was dark. i didn't see it. it didn't see me. it was crouching. i was crouching on top of it. and then it moved a little bit and freaked me the fuck out. and i shot it. the end.

BUT YEAH MAN playing stealth characters really is.... an experience...

so here's thaddeus sitting on the ghoul.

i'm not really happy with the way this came out... i haven't done lineless art in forever and there's probably a reason for that lmao but i really... didn't wanna do lineart.... my lineart process takes so long... i need to figure out a faster way to draw D: the worst part of this is probably definitely the shading on the feral ghoul haha gross............

also i meant to get this out in time for tadd's birthday which was at the beginning of this month and here we are nearly 3 weeks later haha oops :')

once again my canvas is entirely too big so full view that shit if u wanna see every single one of my terrible awful hideous mistakes all up close and personal

Fallout 3 (c) Bethesda
Thaddeus (c) me
i'm not a juvenile delinquent!
it's easy to be good, it's hard to be bad
stay out of trouble, and you'll be glad


and hey look it actually didn't take me 5 months to upload this one. i just finished this like half an hour ago. and characteristics is spelled right this time, so that's always a good sign. (;

if i ever draw the brotherhood recon armor again in my life, please shoot me right between the eyes. nah, jk, this is nothing compared to his older brother's power armor that i'll have to draw... soon...

thaddeus here's completely deaf, and the reason he's a stealth character was because i played with the master volume all the way off and went almost everywhere in sneak mode so that i could tell when enemies were nearby by watching the [HIDDEN] flip to [CAUTION]. sometimes i'd get nervous about it being too quiet and go to turn the radio on and then i'd remember...... so thaddeus never got to hear all the things three dog was saying about him. );

this kid's not even a good brotherhood soldier. he's a big cowardly baby, and his hobbies include: psycho, running from his responsibilities, cowering in dark corners, and taking anything and everything that isn't nailed down, sometimes to sell it for chems and sometimes just to see if he can. he's got Very Evil karma because of that of course, but at least he's never murdered any innocents except for the one time i succumbed to bre's peer pressure and slipped a grenade in a scavenger's pocket but OTHER THAN THAT....

also, he considers every enclave eyebot his very best friend because he can't hear the bullshit propaganda they spit out and they've helped him out against raiders and ghouls.

still, despite the fact that he's generally garbage most of the time, his brother swears he'll be useful for something one day (like recon missions, which is why tadd is never in power armor ever 'cause it's too hard to sneak in that and stealth is his only talent.....), and it's a little too late to send him back the way he came (through the project purity tunnels which are now teeming with enclave soldiers that will tear him limb from limb) so they keep him.


Fallout 3 (c) Bethesda
Thaddeus (c) me
Pip-Boy Layout (c) Jenna-Hyuga
at the big finale i would tear my face away
i'd rob my own apartment and i wouldn't give a damn
i'd blame it on the person that nobody knows i am

why did i not upload this um?? @ self wtf?? i really like the colors on it aaaaaa i really wasn't planning on taking this any farther than a sketch but then... i started having fun with it so here we are.

why did timmy of a thousand masks never get the revenge episode he so justly deserved... why.... he's one of the most memorable antagonists in the series. people who haven't watched mucha lucha for years... they still know timmy of a thousand masks. even if not by name, they remember his episode.

and one of my friends said that he had the potential to be a recurring villain like... this guy can be downright scary with his ability to almost flawlessly imitate anyone he meets. personally, i really wanted to see him go head-to-head with el misterioso grande and watch misterioso try to steal all 1000 of his masks. that'd be so fun to watch.

once again, one of my fav characters is one of 'em with the most wasted potential ): he deserved way more than his title episode and the christmas special, he really did.

¡Mucha Lucha!, Timmy of a Thousand Masks (c) Warner Bros. Animation, Eddie Mort, & Lili Chin

part I (#1-58)

part II (#59-154)

155. What is the most shameful thing that ever happened to [Franco Fontana (Dogs: Bullets & Carnage)?
The biggest scandal Franco's been involved in is the government one... pertaining to human experiments in an effort to make the "perfect human," which resulted in several instances of humas with animal parts--wings, pig noses, tusks, horns, etc. Franco had to endure several painful procedures that turned him into the freakish lizard man he is today and took away his sense of touch. Since then, Franco hasn't had the opportunity to get involved in more scandals, as he doesn't get out much except to the cafe he frequents... 'cause his appearance scares people...

156. Does [Lee Price] have a large vocabulary? If so, does he like to use it in conversation?
Nah, Lee's got a pretty average vocab for a kid his age, and even if he did have a bigger one, he probably still wouldn't use giant words because he doesn't wanna stop mid-conversation to explain himself all the time. He's not the kind of guy that likes to deliberately frustrate people, so he'd wanna make communicating as easy as possible. Hell, sometimes, it's hard enough to communicate with others with words they all know!

157. Someone is secretly in love with [Eadgyth (Baten Kaitos)]. Who is it and how does your character feel about them?
Fuck, man, I dunno. She's kind of all over the place, going to various regions around the world, so if anyone managed to fall in love with her, it would have to be the kind of person who develops intense feelings for someone in a week or less. And I doubt she would know that person exists or feel the same way about them. She's got a kid in her care, so she's not looking to get too involved with someone else right now. She's gotta focus on the kid.

158. Has [Mariah] ever had surgery (or other major medical treatment)?
Yeah, she's had her tonsils and wisdom teeth out. She's also gotten stitches 'cause she hurt herself when riding her bike as a kid. Don't know if that really counts as... "major" but y'know.

159. Does [Cenere (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)] care about politics? How vehemently, and what are her views?
Heck, it's been so long since I've worked with her and she was such a minor character even at the time of her creation that I just... totally forgot she existed. I had to scratch my head and think about who she was and why she was on my list for a second.


Cenere does keep up with politics, if only to ensure that she has friends in high places. It would be counterproductive to have an enemy of the Vongola in power, so she likes to make sure the people in power are chill with the Vongola at the very least.

160. Does [Ronxol Saklen (Homestuck)] keep any pets?
She has her lusus, the beaver, but that doesn't really count. Lusii are the closest trolls have to parental guardians, so... calling them a pet is kinda.... She's still gotta get wood for the beaver to chew on, though, so she's still gotta take care of it, but in return, it takes care of her. I don't think they have a pet/owner kind of relationship.

161. Has [Matsushita Yasu (Haikyuu!!)] ever had a mentor?
Aside from the coach of the Numa High volleyball team, not really... Unless you also count his lab partner, whom his terrified of, Minami Kyouko.

162. How do [Blossom Bellossom (Pokémon gijinka)]'s neighbors view her living habits?
Most people haven't been inside of Blossom's house as she doesn't invite people over often, so they can't judge her based on that. But she has a large garden, and she keeps her yard looking nice and keeps up with maintenance on her house and stuff, not letting it fall into disrepair or anything, so a lot of people assume she's got her shit together. She also does let neighbors borrow things when they ask, and she's quiet enough, so they can't complain about her too much.

Maybe the biggest complaint they'd have is when she runs the lawnmower really early in the morning since she's an early bird.

163. Does [Sunday Smoochum (Pokémon gijinka)] hold any beliefs or views that others would consider disturbing, distasteful, offensive, or sickening? What has resulted in these beliefs or views? Does she understand that others would find these views disturbing?
Gosh, she certainly doesn't believe anything too awful. She certainly doesn't condone the murder of innocents or anything. D:

At worst, she's got serious issues about personal space because she just doesn't understand how someone could not like hugs and finds it very hard to control herself. People might think that's distasteful, I suppose.

164. What's the worst stroke of fortune [The Caregiver] ever had?
Crossing paths with Theodor and Fiorenza, two of the most renowned soldiers on the human side of the war. They're very good at what they do, and they're not at all happy about one of their own fighting for the wrong side. They know they gotta kill him, and they're not the types to spare any expenses to get the job done.

It becomes excessively harder for The Caregiver to avoid the two of them, and he's sure they're gonna catch up to him long before he can ever be ready for 'em.

165. In terms of romantic relationships, what is [Shiloh]'s "type"? What does he think his type is? Are the two the same or different?
Shiloh's "type" in any sort of positive relationship - be it friendly or romantic - is soft and gentle because the poor kid can't live with getting yelled at by anyone! He bursts into tears the minute anyone raises their voice.

He would also do well with someone brave and adventurous (as long as they're also gentle and quiet), someone who's not afraid of him or the place he lives.

Shiloh definitely agrees with his type being gentle and quiet, although he'd probably argue about how... up for adventure he really is, ha.

166. How does [Abortion Clinic (Tokyo Ghoul)] handle office politics? How bad are the office politics at her job?
Abortion Clinic - who really needs a better name, Christ - started her own business, a maternity store in the 10th Ward, partly because she can't stand working under someone else and partly to lure in her favorite prey, pregnant women. She makes it a point to hire other people, mostly women, who she is 90% sure aren't ghouls themselves. Pregnant women and their unborn fetuses are such a gourmet dish, and she doesn't need that kind of competition in her life.

Because she owns the business, she doesn't need to get too involved in office politics on the individual level herself, although she does have employees she likes more than others and subconsciously shows favor to them. But she's certainly not above getting more heavily involved in them if she thinks they'll benefit the business as a whole. She tends to look down on people who use office politics for their own personal gain, but she smiles upon those who are just trying to help the business run more smoothly.

167. What is [Minami Keiichi (Haikyuu!!)]'s darkest secret? Who else knows about it?
Ahaha, his darkest secret is probably... the murder plots he's never going to carry out. He just kinda sees an object and thinks to himself, "Theoretically, you could use that to kill someone... if you wanted to..." But he's not going to do it, of course. He can't afford to go to prison. His family needs him. ;;

That's his darkest secret, but there's also his crush on his teammate, Kita, which... isn't really dark... nor is it much of a secret. (;

168. List five things that could motivate [Phylot Aderor (Homestuck)] to use violence.
- someone making fun of him or his friends
- someone using violence against him or his friends
- seeing another troll treat their lusus poorly
- thieves
- Senkad Klusil

169. If someone tried to blackmail [Porue], what would he do? How easy or difficult would it be?
Well, Porue has certainly done more than his fair share of terrible, unmentionable deeds, so people wouldn't be lacking in material to blackmail him with, I'm sure. But because he's proud of being a terrible person... I don't know if threatening to reveal his misdeeds to the public would get to him.

The easiest way to blackmail him would be with his lack of progress with Terry. If you threatened to tell his sister that he hasn't been doing very well with the human he was assigned to corrupt, you just might shut him up. If you're another demon, that is. If you're human, there's no guarantee he won't just kill you 'cause you can't tell Lorco shit if you're dead. But other demons... he'd have a much harder time killing those guys, and they have a more open method of communication with Lorco, so... it's easier to get him to do what you want if you're a demon.

170. What is [Xi (Fallout)]'s most traumatic memory?
I cheated a bit with this one. It was supposed to be a different character/question, but I needed more time to think of an answer, so I switched its place with this one, which wasn't supposed to be posted for another week.

But, God... Xi's most traumatic memory is their first encounter with a deathclaw. It's bad enough that they crash-landed on this planet full of humans who want to tear them apart out of fear and/or for science. But no one told them there were 20-foot killer reptiles on the loose! What kinda fucked up planet is this, anyway? And why the heck would the folks back on the mothership want anything to do with it?

Now they live in constant fear of when the next clawed monster is gonna come around the corner.

(Thank goodness the guys on the mothership only abducted the humans, though, and none of those terrifying lizards.)

171. [Wilson] moves into a new home. What's the first thing he buys for it?
Assuming it was completely empty, he'd buy a refrigerator first. Of course, it's important to keep food from spoiling!

172. How would [Nalkio Saklen (Homestuck)]'s parents describe her?
Nalkio doesn't have parents in the traditional sense, just her lusus, Beaver Mom. If Beaver Mom could speak, she'd probably describe Nalkio as too easily frustrated and flighty, and she'd be completely right.

173. Does [Garnet (MySims)] swear?
As much as I live for Cute Sims saying "fuck," no, she doesn't.

174. Does [Binx] believe he has had any personal encounters with ghosts, the occult, aliens, or the supernatural?
He'll tell you he's had a ghost encounter, but that's just because he associates any little bump in the night with ghosts. It's the only logical explanation to him. Otherwise, the only thing closest he's ever seen to a supernatural being is himself and Oki, who are both shapeshifting cat people.

175. Is there any political issue that could motivate [Ramsey (MySims)] to violence?

Is there? The MySims world isn't highly political anyway. They just don't have a lot of the same issues as we do in our world. I guess you could make an argument for war with SkyHeroes, but still.

That, and Ramsey isn't a very violent guy in general. I would think that if some political issue really was bothering him, he'd talk about it and try to make people aware of it moreso than just... getting violent.

Putting this on hiatus for a bit so that I can focus on school and some personal projects. I do plan on coming back to it, and hopefully that doesn't take another full year.
  • Listening to: "Freaks Orchestra" - The Noisy Freaks
  • Playing: Fallout 3
  • Drinking: water


United States
I'm a super duper Uta apologist, and I give up on everything.




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